The Bigger Financial Picture – Is it Time to Hire a CFO and Where Should You Look? 

 May 30, 2016

By  Natalie Ahlstrom

So, your business is growing. While you may or may not have an accountant on hand, what about your bigger financial picture? Is it time to hire a Chief Financial Officer?

More than just a bookkeeper, payroll administrator or keeper of P&L and cash flow statements, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can help you plan, model, forecast and make better business decisions. A CFO looks at your business holistically–this includes people, processes and systems–and ensures that together you have accurate financial information to plan for the future.

A CFO will also work with you or your accountant to understand the drivers for business performance. They’ll pick up on signals that might indicate a problem (such as a potential cash flow issue down the line), and help you make informed decisions about reaching your business goals……

Source: The Bigger Financial Picture – Is it Time to Hire a CFO and Where Should You Look? | The U.S. Small Business Administration | SBA.gov

Natalie Ahlstrom

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