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Every business is UNIQUE - Your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs will vary.

To meet those needs, we have a Suite of Services that are certain to fulfill the requirements of virtually any small business.

Bookkeeping Evaluation (Starting @ $ 297.00)

Don't know where to start? 
Does your desk look like this?  

A Bookkeeping Evaluation of your current bookkeeping situation helps to establish a starting point in your accounting files, to discover what needs to be changed or corrected.

Clean Up Services

After the Bookkeeping Evaluation is completed, we can help you to make any necessary changes and corrections to your accounting file; clean up any prior "messes," along with creating a detailed plan to continue and stay on track.

On-Going Bookkeeping Services (Done-for-you)

** VIP Done 4 You – Basic **
*** VIP Done 4 You – Advanced (includes Payroll) ***

If you decide that you want to stick with your creative side, (the reason you started your business) and want to ditch your bookkeeping entirely, we can DO-IT-FOR-YOU, & maintain the recurring tasks that need to be done.

Want to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ??

If you would prefer to DIY (Do-It-Yourself), we can help with that too.

We're happy to help you with initial set-up of your accounting files; recurring weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual tasks; as well as advising you what amounts to pay and when to pay them.  With our VIP Oversight Services we will review your accounting files on a regular basis to be sure that you're paying the correct amounts and at the appropriate due dates.


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